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Here are some links I visit on a regular basis, all the artists and designers below are very accomplished and very good if you have the time I reccomend spending a good amount at each site, seeing what they have to offer and their talent.



Inspirations can come in many forms, and inspiration is in the eye of the beholder, these are some of the people that have inspired me to become the person that I am today I'd like to thank them for being so creative and inspiring the creativity in me.

Maybe you will find them inspiring as well, please check them out.



Phongubation as I like to call it was something that happened to me and about 40 other people in the design industry as I was getting involved, phong (anston fongt) created a community with his two friends Pod (Dan SomethingorOther) and Poxin (Shawn Shmint) this was one of the strongest communities on the web at the time and I can saftly say a good experiance for everyone thanks to that revalution we have designers like Static5, Precurser, Frozntoast, and many others

Two Other people that closly associated with Phong and the others at the time that I was in that community where Designs By Mark and Bizark both good designers trying to make it in the industry Mark went from a industrial dirty design to a kiddy tutorial design, and bizark went from his punk design to a spastic comic type version he has been working on his new version for sometime now, apperantly real life affects web life, from what I have seen it looks like something fgfx would put out.


Friends are always a good thing to have online or otherwise, and when you have friends you need to support them and show respect for them. Check out my friends sites, I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.

ShadowStorm Nimbus


In Graphic Design we love all the cool graphics, and customize sites allow us a place to go and download skins and other things to graphically enhance the programs we use on an everyday basis, so we don't get bored of the apperance of our programs.

Deviant Art


Communities bring the graphic designers and coders together to talk and share ideas, This allows for interperson projects and helping to create a better web.


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